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ACC Basketball Update(2/15)

NCAA Hopes Edition

Definitely In


Duke is playing for seeding at this point.  If the Devils win out in the regular season which includes a sweep of UNC, then they will be the #1 seed in the East Regional with the ACCT being moot.

North Carolina

The Heels are also playing for seeding, though in all honesty they are really just trying to get the band back together.  A healthy team ready for the NCAA Tournament is the first priority.  Also, I do not think UNC drops lower than a #2 seed at this point because any loss without Ty Lawson will be seen as such.

Probably In


The win over UNC in Chapel Hill basically canceled out the bad losses from earlier in the season.  Maryland still has work left to do however.  Sitting at 6-4, the Terps have some tough games ahead but in the end they still should scare up three more wins, possibly four which would get them to 10-6.


The Tigers do not have any pre-conference schedule baggage to worry about.  The worry they have is four of six on the road to end the regular season.  Clemson showed some fortitude by beating GT by 15 after the heartbreaker in Chapel Hill.  Winning four of their final six should be doable.  In fact if Clemson plays like they are capable of playing, they should win out to finish 11-5.

Close But Not Quite

Wake Forest

Wake is 5-5 and the one advantage they have is their overall record is 15-8.  An 18-10 Wake Forest team that finishes 8-8 in the ACC could make a case for inclusion as the league's fifth team in the dance.  Wake's biggest problem is the schedule.  They have Duke and Maryland at home and UNC on the road which are potentially three sure losses.  The closing stretch at GT, at VT and home to NCSU is no picnic either.  If Wake can score a win over one of the tournament bound teams(Duke would be great!) then I think 8-8 gets them in assuming they acquit themselves well in the ACCT should they end up fifth.

Life Support

Virginia Tech

VT's issue is their overall record.   They are currently 14-10 and assuming they get to 8-8, a 17-13 mark is just not going to look good to the committee.  Going 9-7 in the ACC and ending up 18-12 might be some better but with trips to UNC, Maryland and Clemson on the horizon, going 4-2 goes not seem likely.

NC State

NCSU needs help and really blew a chance at getting themselves back in the game by laying an egg at BC on Thrusday night.  The upside for them is they have four of six at home.  The downside is three of those four are versus Clemson, UNC and Duke.  The upside to that is a win over one of those three would score them points with the committee especially if it is one of the blue clad teams in that group(again Duke losing would be great!)  In the end I think the Pack are NIT bound.

NIT Bound

Boston College, Miami and Florida State

Yeah, thanks for playing guys.  Actually, BC is not assured a berth because they could still end with a losing record seeing that they are 13-10 right now.  Miami did a spot on impersonation of Clemson from last season but might make a good NIT run.  FSU, like BC, could end up with a losing mark but somehow I think they manage to hold it together

Gone Recruiting

Sean Singletary gets to be first team All-ACC and finish last in the conference.  I am not sure how that happens.