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ACC Basketball Update(2/18)

Now things get interesting.

Down Goes Duke: Duke finally had a cold night shooting to the point they got run by an inspired Wake Forest team.  What finally brought Duke down was a combination of interior post play and quick guards which we were told would not have matter when UNC played Duke but as it turns out is very much the case.  Duke also played poor defense, got in serious foul trouble to the point every Duke starter fouled out.  Needless to say this was entertainment of the highest order.  The key stat for this game besides the 21 turnovers, 28% three point shooting and 52% FT shooting was the fact Paulus/Scheyer/Henderson were a combined 4-21 for 13 points.  This is the equivalent of the Green/Ellington line from Feb 6th proving that in one respect it is not necessary to stop all of the Devils just enough of them.

NCSU NIT Bound? The Wolfpack missed a golden opportunity to get their NCAA hopes alive tied with Clemson late before the Tiger managed to do what they could not do in previous games versus UNC and Duke:  Win the game.  The impressive aspect of the Clemson win was they did so without Cliff Hammonds scoring a point.  As for NCSU, it is shaping up to be a season falling well short of some lofty expectations and a team derided for playing without any heart.  Something tells me that will not be an issue when UNC comes to town this week.

Virginia! Virginia!: The Cavs finally won another conference game, this time at the expense of Boston College who is the model of inconsistency.  BC is getting close to .500 going the wrong way and might find themselves sitting home from the NIT.  UVa on the other hand has gotten back to .500 and holds out hope of NIT goodness.

Maryland Hangs Tough: The Terps struggled with FSU before putting them away and hangs with Clemson in 3rd place.  If both teams continue on their current path, the March 2nd game could decide who ends up 3rd place in the ACC.