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And ESPN Wonders Why People Call Them DSPN

Since UNC-Duke is less than a week away, you might be looking for something to get yourself fired up for the game. Maybe you want to rewatch The Foul a dozen times or stare at a picture of Greg Paulus. And if that does not do the trick then tune in to ESPN NFL Countdown at 11 AM on Super Bowl Sunday and see Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski I guess. From RAWFS:

This Sunday, at 11am, none other than Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski will be on the panel of the ESPN Super Bowl pregame show, no doubt in his "Builder of Character and Maker of Men" ™ role. I doubt he’s been invited to share his views on the zone blitz, or the 3-3-5 Nickel defense that one team or the other might call in a critical third down situation. In other words, Krzyzewski will be shilling himself, which in turn is really just another sideways recruiting appearance. It’s not against the rules, but it certainly is distasteful if you think about it.

I agree. I think it is safe to make two assumptions here: (1) Krzyzewski does not know jack about football and (2) he probably will not be staying in a Holiday Inn the night before. There is nothing he brings to the table that is going to enlighten the casual fan on the intricacies of football. No, Krzyzewski will be on there yapping about leadership or being a champion or some other such nonsense which means he will be doing an extended commercial for himself. Granted it is not illegal according to the NCAA but it sure the heck is annoying.

Only four days until College Basketball Armageddon 2008, Part 1...