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Doug Gottlieb Makes an Idiotic Statement

I know, I know. Which one?

There is a buzz about the Inside Carolina message boards that Doug Gottlieb was heard to have said yesterday on his radio show that Ty Lawson's injury was "bad karma" because Roy Williams turned down an interview request from him following his comments that Danny Green's dancing routine prior to UNC home games was a distraction and showed a lack of class.  Several posters over there emailed ESPN to complain and at least one person got a response from Gottlieb:


It was said in response to UNC not wanting to come on was not personal and if Ty was really badly hurt...ACL, broken ankle, whatever, I would not have said it. I guess my biggest disappointment is that Coach Williams would not come on radio and then ask me about my Danny Green comments...anyway, I like Ty, I think he is 21 by the way and I hope he recovers soon.

We are a company of 3k or so employees, to pick apart the faults of the few is utterly unfair unless you give respect to the many.



So to parse Gottlieb's response, he basically justifies the remark by claiming it was a joke and based on the fact Lawson's injury was not the season ending type.   To Gottlieb I was would say joke or not, it was a fairly classless and stupid thing to say.  UNC's season hinges on whether Lawson is healthy or not and saying it was some kind of bad karma, even "in jest" is still a poor decision on his part and he should at least issue an apology.