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FSU's Ryan Reid Should Be Suspended

If you happened to catch the FSU-Wake Forest game last night, you saw FSU's Ryan Reid strike Wake's Chas McFarland in the face after the two got tangled up. Reid was ejected and the ACC is deliberating whether he should play versus Maryland this weekend. Reid seems to have quite a history of trouble this season beginning with some altercations with Duke players when the Devils traveled to Tallahassee.

The second incident is the one we are all still living with and that is Reid slamming Ty Lawson to the floor during a jump ball tie up two weeks ago and in the process spraining the point guard's ankle severely enough he has missed three games and maybe more depending on what UNC decides to do versus Virginia Tech.

From where I sit this constitutes a clear pattern of behavior that should be dealt with by the ACC. If VT's Jeff Allen can be suspended two games for what I thought was an inadvertent bump of the referee then Reid should face a similar suspension for clearly flagrant physical acts. Either that or Bobby Bowden should take him of Leonard Hamilton's hands once spring practice starts.