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In The End They Are Still Just College Kids

The life and times of UNC players away from the court.

A reader pointed out this Fayetteville Observer piece detailing life for Tyler Hansbrough, Bobby Frasor, Marcus Ginyard and team manager Preston Puckett who all share a house in Chapel Hill.  It reminded me that the Daily Tar Heel did a similar piece last week. Both articles serve as a nice reminder that these guys are still just college kids in what I have always thought were the best four years of your life.  Yes, these players operate in a spotlight and have national stardom in some respects but at the same time they are 18-22 year old college students who go to class, room together and generally hang out like the rest us do/did at college.  Among some of the more interesting tidbits from the two pieces were:

  • Frasor is very competitive when it comes to playing NCAA Football on the XBox
  • Tyler Hansbrough goes to bed at 10 PM which means Tyler must really hate NCAA Tournament scheduling.
  • Marcus Ginyard gets more calls from home than anyone else.
  • They apparently argue and bicker a lot, especially Puckett and Frasor
  • Hansbrough owes Frasor $200 in utility bills.
  • And everyone signed a lease for next year...including Hansbrough but even Frasor admits he can break that pretty easily with an NBA salary in the bank.

It is a refreshing look at these guys, especially seeing their "fun" side which is often far removed from the intensity we see on the court.