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Lawson Back for BC?

According to Roy, it's possible.

 How close were you to playing Lawson against Wake Forest?
“Seven to 10 days ago, I had hoped that he would be able to play against Wake Forest, because their guards are so quick and we needed somebody to give ‘Q’ a little bit of a breather to play against that kind of personnel… But on Friday and Saturday, we basically made the decision that he wasn’t quite ready yet and so after that point, I never considered using him at all. I hope to play him against Boston College this weekend, but for that to happen, he’s got to be able to do some things in practice and be able to do it and do it effectively.”

You know what the interesting part of this quote is?  How about Roy basically referring to Lawson as QT's backup.

There was a point, probably by the VT game that Lawson's reintroduction into the lineup became a delicate issue.  Had he returned within the first three games, then it would not have been a big deal.  Against VT however, the team adaptation to QT was realized and bringing Lawson back became more of a "ease him back in" situation versus trying to pick up like it was versus BC four weeks ago.  Also the level of Lawson's conditioning will be a factor in getting him back up to speed.  As william pointed out in this 26-2 post, Dean Smith alludes to a potential mistake made by him in trying to bring Kenny Smith back as a starter in 1984 when Steve Hale had more than carried the load.  That is not to say Lawson will not eventually start again but I can see Roy being circumspect in how this gets handled in an effort to keep the level of play where it is right now.  There is no doubt in my mind UNC needs Lawson at full speed to give the Heels their best shot at winning a title.  However, he has to be integrated in so his skill sets augment the current team not create confusion.