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Signing Day Update

Let me first say I tend to pay less attention to football recruiting than I do basketball because in many ways the rankings seem less exact. There are so many positions and the development of players tends to take longer to the point it could be a year or two before the returns are seen on a class. So my excitement over football recruiting news tends to be tempered by more of a wait and see attitude.

That being said, I did want to point out that Butch Davis signed his 2nd class since becoming head coach at UNC. It turned out to be a decent group according to with 18 commits, 10 of them four star recruits which has UNC ranked 30th overall right behind NC State. UNC is ranked seventh among ACC schools behind Miami, FSU, Clemson, VT, BC and NCSU. On one level this is not as good as the haul from last season but still brings in some quality players to build the program with going forward. It also should be noted that UNC started the day ranked somewhere in the 50s and rose all the way up to 30th by the time all the commits were known.

Good work to Coach Davis and the staff for maintaining the influx of solid players.