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Tar Heel Injury Report

Here is the latest from the MASH 4077.

Ty Lawson
Status: Doubtful for Virginia Tech

According to Roy during his radio show last night, the decision to not play Lawson against Clemson was made on Saturday and it was also decided he would not play at UVa to give the ankle 4-5 days of rest to see if it markedly improves.  They intend to evaluate it today to see how it is but Roy was not optimistic about him playing.  Apparently the main issue is the pain and also the fact Lawson's #1 weapon is his speed.  And while some toughness questions are coming up on the message boards, I would give him the benefit of the doubt having had three sprained ankles in my life.  Not allowing the proper time to heal makes it a chronic issue and Lawson's effectiveness is somewhat tied to his being faster than everyone else on the court.  If they can just get by with VT and get him back for the trip to RBC that leaves enough games to get the team gelled for the trip to Duke.

Marcus Ginyard
Status: Probable for Virginia Tech

Ginyard indicated in the UVa postgame that his toe was fine now but he is still dealing with the ankle injury.  He also indicated the ankle was getting better so I expect this to be a non-issue by next week.

Deon Thompson
Status: Probable for Virginia Tech

Thompson apparently hyperextended his knee early in the UVa game.  I did not see the play he was injured on and as of last night Roy was not entirely sure what the X-rays and test showed other than they did not seem concerned about it.  Of course this makes sense since he played on it despite being gimpy and played quite well if I recall correctly.  The issue is likely muscle related which is quicker to heal than some kind of structural issue with the knee.

Tyler Hansbrough
Status: Playing Unless He is Dead(and even then I would not count him out)

This I did not know.  I received an email from someone Tuesday afternoon asking about a rumor that Hansbrough was not playing versus Virginia. I perused the normal information outlets and found no such information and passed that back to the reader.  After the game I received a reply saying he had heard Hansbrough had an infected toe and would not play.  Since he did play in the game I really did not know what to make of the rumor....until now.  As it turns out the reader had heard something that apparently was not generally publicized and if it was I missed it in a huge way.  According to Roy, Hansbrough is being treated for a issue with his toe that is apparently quite painful to the point he could barely walk on it Monday.  On Tuesday, prior to the game, Roy asks him how the toe is and he said it "hurts like crazy, but coach, I am going to play."  I think we might be reaching a point where we have to question if Tyler Hansbrough is part human, part mythical creature. ;)