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THF Turns Two!


And I can think of no better birthday gift for the blog than UNC beating NC State and Duke losing all on the same night!

February 21, 2006 I started this blog because I wanted my own forum to write about UNC basketball and football along with other sports. Over the past year the hits have more than doubled and a nice little community of readers regularly comment on the posts, especially during basketball season.

To these folks I say, "Thank You" for adding your opinions and thoughts to the ones I post. Also a huge thanks to Joe Ovies at 850 the Buzz and J.P. Gilgio at ACC Now for routinely acknowledging my work. Also, a big shout out to fellow Tar Heel bloggers Carolina March, Tar Heel Mania, Jackie Manuel's Posse, Born and Bred Ed and Carolina Watercooler for their support and links on their sites. Also my gratitude to Zeke Smith for creating the present banner and making his photos available for use on the blog.

Here is hoping the third year has a UNC national championship in the mix.