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Ty Lawson Update

X-rays were negative on Ty Lawson's high ankle sprain but Roy is not expecting him to play on Wednesday. Whether that is Roy hiding his cards or giving a straightforward assessment is anyone's guess. He does not strike me as one to opt for the Bellicheckian methods of cloaking injury situations to try and gain some sort of tactical advantage because it is not like Duke is going to suddenly change their defense at the possibility Lawson is not playing. At this point this is very much looking like a possible repeat of the January 18, 1989 game with Duke where UNC faced the #1 ranked Blue Devils without starting PG Jeff Lebo who was injured in a 106-83 loss at UVa. UNC was ranked #13 and went to Cameron with sophomore King Rice running the point.

UNC 91 Duke 71

I am all for that happening again.