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UNC 75 UVa 74

I'll take it. Considering the injuries, the foul trouble, the turnovers and the fact Sean Singletary is incredibly tough to stop I will take the win. I don't have much to add other than Tyler Hansbrough again stated his case for POY. Any questions we had about Wayne Ellington are satisfied. Danny Green was clutch, Deon Thompson was playing tough with the knee issue as was Marcus Ginyard on two bad wheels. Alex Stepheson had a nice seven rebound effort and UNC somehow managed to get by with Quentin Thomas only playing 20 minutes which pretty much made the offense disjointed...well more disjointed than it was if that is possible. I did notice the Heels have long stretches they go away from Hansbrough and that probably should happen less often since good things happen when he touches the ball whether it be him shooting or having the defense respond to him followed by a pass out to the perimeter which created some offense at times.

At any rate, the sooner we can get everyone healthy and the offense gelling again the better for me. There is only so much I can take of games like this one.

Also, UNC had 16 fouls and Virginia had 15 translating to 12 FTA for the Heels and 11 FTA for the Cavaliers. That good enough for you? Everyone happy now?