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UNC at NCSU: Open Thread

I will drop some thoughts along the way feel free to do the same.


7:11 PM: Through the first five minutes both offenses have been hitting almost everything. This may be an issue of who goes cold first. Thomas looking good at point with a nice drive for a shot and Ellington looks on early. Also, refs letting them play right now.

7:21 PM: NCSU 15-11. UNC really cannot run an offense without Thomas and Hansbrough out. And it looks like UNC has gone cold first.

7:28 PM: Tied at 21. I am operating on the assumption State cannot keep shooting as well as they have. Jay Bilas had an odd comment on Hansbrough dribble under the basket then shot. He said he "traveled but with a dribble" What? I think he thought it was a walk and midway through saying it he realized he was actually dribbling the ball.

7:45 PM: Halftime. UNC 34 NCSU 31. Incredible play to end the half moving the ball around and getting the open three from Ellington who was clutch to hit it and give the Heels the lead. That is important from a momentum standpoint since NCSU had led for a while shooting the ball very well most of the half and still finds themselves down. I do not think UNC's defense has been all that bad, they have forced TOs. The offensive pace is slower than the Heels like which means they are not getting shots as often as they like. At this point I am not worried. I think UNC controls the 2nd half but they need to focus and play with intensity for the final 20 minutes.

8:09 PM: UNC up 10 now. Honestly, QT has become just a slower version of Lawson. His penetration is not as good but when he gets it he is starting to finish with good shots. And Tyler Hansbrough is freaking ridiculous at this point.

8:22 PM: UNC up 15 at the 2nd TV timeout of the 2nd half. I have been impressed more times than not this season at UNC's ability to come out of the locker room and dismantled a team during the first eight minutes of the second stanza. They really turned up the defense and got the lead out 18 before giving a little back. Barring a collapse of Clemsonic proportions this game should be done.

8:29 PM: Wow. What piss poor transition defense by NCSU off a made basket Ginyard gets down court and is able to dunk the ball uncontested.

8:40 PM: Wolfpack fans are booing the effort as Ginyard goes down the lane and dunks it. Lowe has Hickson on the bench for 10 minutes now because he failed to box out on Hansbrough. It has been said by many Pack fans that their team has zero heart and laying down in front of the hated Heels is proof of that. Heels now up 20.

8:53 PM: Taking. Care. Of. Business. Heels win 84-70 and it was not that close.