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UNC at Virginia: Live Blog

UVa vs. the MASH 4077

8:03 PM: Injury report: Lawson is out. Ginyard will "try" to play.

8:05 PM: Oh. Goodie. [UNNAMED ANALYST] has the call tonight. Though he was not all that bad in the Duke game.

8:06 PM: Ginyard is playing and misses the three to start the game.

8:07 PM: Drive and kick giving UVa a three but Ellington gets started with a made basket.

8:08 PM: I swear, it seems like Deon Thompson misses more easy shots than anyone I have ever seen.

8:09 PM: Thomas has two fouls in the first three minutes. Ginyard with two bad wheels is not a good option though better than Marc Campbell I suppose.

8:12 PM: 1st TV timeout. UNC 9 UVa 7

8:15 PM: Deon Thompson is injured now? You cannot make this stuff up.

8:20 PM: UVa is a really bad shooting team. UNC not much better but up 15-7.

8:22 PM: 2nd TV timeout. UNC up eight.

8:27 PM: And UVa finally scores and scores again. Heels getting some good looks and hitting them so far.

8:28 PM: UNC has a little foul trouble which should make the ABCers happy.

8:29 PM: UVA getting a run up here and UNC goes to Hansbrough who is money with 10 points so far.

8:30 PM: 3rd TV timeout. UNC 24 UVa 17. I am not sure if you don't just let Singletary have his. He cannot singlehandedly beat you, he has to get offense from his teammates and I do not think there is enough firepower to supplement him scoring 30-35 enough so to outscore UNC which seems much more comfortable on offense than they first were went Lawson went out.

8:33 PM: Someone tell me how players we trap find open men. I think the Tar Heel defenders off the trap are going something wrong and now UNC has allowed UVa back to three. Hansbrough called for a charge which again should make the ABCers happy.

8:35 PM: UVa in the bonus so the foul complainers can kindly shut up now.

8:36 PM: My concern here is UNC had UVa down 13 and has allowed them to crawl back to within one. I really wish they would stop doing that.

8:37 PM: Excellent play by Ellington to get the ball out to Thomas and all of sudden the Heels go back up five.

8:38 PM: Wow. Singletary has a chance to not only tie the game but bring down the house and he misses the dunk.

8:40 PM: This is a survival game. UVa has shown up to play and the Heels have a low tank of gas coming off the Clemson game.

8:41 PM: Final TV timeout. Tied at 28 and UNC is hurting.

8:43 PM: UNC has eight fouls so far and probably because UNC is not sliding their feet.

8:45 PM: Thomas has three fouls. Very thin bench at this point.

8:46 PM: Will Graves has a chance to be productive in this game if he chooses to step up and play great on both ends. Game tied at 31.

8:48 PM: How is it when someone dives on top of another player it is not a foul.

8:49 PM: [UNNAMED ANALYST]: "Hansbrough fouled by two different players and nothing was called."

8:50 PM: Wayne Ellington came to play and UNC has a chance to make this an 8-9 point lead at the half.

8:51 PM: Hansbrough has the face up jumper working.

8:52 PM: HALFTIME. UNC 38 UVa 31

It is obvious UNC is tired. I think the fouls have come from UNC players being too tired to move on defense and end up fouling. You see what I did there? I settled on a legitimate reason for the fouls against UNC without blaming the referees. I know that it is crazy talk but I think it will catch on among smart fans. That being said, the defense seemingly got better when Thomas went out with his 3rd foul. I just do not think he can handle Singletary whereas Ginyard can. Ellington so far is 4-6 and 2-3 from three. Great start for him and Hansbrough is being Hansbrough with 17 first half points on 8-10. Most of those have come from jumpers not the standard work in the lane.

9:04 PM: As bad as UVa shot and as good as UNC shot, the fact the lead is only seven is a tad disconcerting. I think turnovers are part of it and the fouls on UNC the other piece to the puzzle.

9:08 PM: Thompson is gimpy. Ginyard is hurt but does not look all that bad. Thomas is back in with three fouls and I really wish Ellington could have drilled that three.

9:09 PM: Hansbrough has now been fouled twice and not had it called.

9:11 PM: Nice bailout three by Ellington since UNC had not clue on offense that time down.

9:12 PM: Hustle plays? Pettinella is also fouling at the same time but if you want to call it hustle.

9:13 PM: Well, Thomas has not been all that great so maybe not having him in is not a huge loss. UVa is within five. Roy staying with Thomas for now, probably because he has no choice.

9:14 PM: 1st TV timeout. UNC 43 UVa 38

9:17 PM: B&B Ed just pointed out we might need the roster before the game is out to identify players in the game.

9:18 PM: Nice shot by Hansbrough, just did not stay down but Ellington with the nice putback and the foul but misses the FT. UNC up seven.

9:20 PM: Danny Green silences the JPJ crowd.

9:21 PM: I do not care for this trading baskets business but Danny Green with two huge shots on the hustle tip in and then the layup on the break to give UNC a nine point lead and force a UVa timeout.

9:25 PM: And again they allow UVa to close it back down to five.

9:26 PM: Kudos to Thompson for playing with the knee problem.

9:27 PM: 2nd TV timeout. UNC 58 UVa 51

9:29 PM: Sigh. UNC keeps letting UVa hang around. 14 turnovers for the Heels is the reason why and it is only because UVa cannot hit shots when they need to UNC maintains this slight cushion.

9:31 PM: I cannot say when the last time Hansbrough got a touch so he goes out and block Singletary to create the layup for Ginyard.

9:32 PM: Now Green has four fouls. Are you people happy now?!?!

9:33 PM: UNC needs to get this out to 10-15.

9:34 PM: Time to go back to Thomas to see if they can get just enough offense to open this game up.

9:35 PM: 3rd TV timeout. UNC 60 UVa 57. This is such a dangerous position. I am worried if UVa ever gets the lead it will do the weary Heels in. If they could get two good possessions and score along with a couple of stops, I think it might be enough. Given the injuries, foul trouble and general fatigue I say survive and go back to Chapel Hill.

9:39 PM: Ginyard with the HUGE three.

9:40 PM: Thompson having a big game with the gimpy knee.

9:41 PM: Once again UNC gets some control back, goes up six and then UVa hits a three. This has gone on all year long.

9:43 PM: Danny Freaking Green gives UNC the six point lead. But another freaking three on a drive and kick. Geez!

9:45 PM: A rebound would be nice. Finally! But another freaking turnover. This game is killing me.

9:46 PM: Roy calls a timeout to give the Heels a break. The next dead ball will bring the TV timeout so a smart move by Roy to get some rest here. UNC needs a score here at the very least to get it back to two possession. Hansbrough needs a touch.

9:47 PM: Anyone see Hansbrough pass out of the double team? Smart play which creates an Ellington make under the basket to make it a five point margin. UNC needs to muster a big stop here and UVa will be forced to foul.

9:49 PM: Final TV timeout and UNC trying to survive the final minute plus.

9:52 PM: 1:11 to go and UNC needs to get a stop.

9:53 PM: Crap! Crap! Crap! Why is it these guys always find their shot versus UNC?

9:54 PM: Tyler Hansbrough is clutch. UNC now up four with 13 seconds left. UNC needs to hit free throws should UVa score here. At any rate it is going to take probably about five seconds for them to get something. I like the odds for the Heels at this point but you never know.

9:57 PM; Ellington needs to knock these down and at least force a three to tie.

9:58 PM: Wow! Danny Green again with the big hustle play getting in there and tipping the Ellington miss around to kill the clock.

9:59 PM: UNC 75 UVa 74