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#1 UNC vs #16 Mount St. Mary's: Game Thread

This should be quick and quite least for UNC anyway. Comment away and I will drop my thoughts if I have any.


7:21 PM: UNC 17 MSM 12. I thought to begin with the Heels were going to just blow them slam out. MSM settled down and UNC has had a couple of defensive lapses during the early part of the game. UNC should reel off a huge run here at some point.

7:26 PM: UNC 20 MSM 12. Something tells me Roy ripped into the team about their defense. No points in the last two minutes and complete control of the boards. Green's three just did not stay down but nice work on the offensive boards by Stepheson.

7:40 PM: Heels up 12 but I am think Roy is not too happy with the defense, especially permitting a layup off a made basket with the foul. Still UNC is up and will eventually pull away.

7:49 PM: UNC 48 MSM 33, MSM shooting 53%. That is not going to cut it. If UNC was defending better this would be a 25 point lead considering the Heels own the boards 20-5.

7:59 PM: UNC 60 MSM 41. Halftime. That was...well....very interesting. The offense is cooking and that apart from any real turnovers from MSM or that many missed shots. The defense can be described with two words: It sucked. Well it seems to have sucked though MSM hit some contested shots so I am not sure. I think Roy will be plenty pissed enough that I would not be surprised to see Blue-White at some point.

8:22 PM: Another quick 2nd half start. 6-0 run forces an MSM timeout.

8:34 PM: Heels up by a bunch. Stat of the game so far. UNC has five players in double figures with Green having zero points, Ginyard with three and Graves with two.

8:39 PM: Heels by 34. Just a complete decimation at this point with some huge play from Deon Thompson and Alex Stepheson specifically. Oh and Lawson is back in a huge way. And Ellington is hitting. And Hansbrough is on. And the defense is playing much better.

8:48 PM: UNC up huge. Anyone notice the increase in MSM turnovers and the fact they have only scored 11 points in 13 minutes of the 2nd half?

8:57 pm: Roy empties the bench with 4:39 left.

8:58 PM: There is a real shame in the fact Greg Little has returned to the football team and is not here to jack up shots.

9:04 PM: Surry Wood with the alley oop dunk!

9:05 PM: Surry Wood is going to be giving Marcus Ginyard all sorts of grief.

9:07 PM: UNC 113 MSM 74.