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#1 UNC vs #3 Louisville: Game Thread

For the record UNC has already knocked Louisville out of the NCAA Tournament today. The Tar Heel women rallied to knock of the Cardinals in women's Sweet Sixteen. We can only hope that is a sign of things to come with the Tar Heels doing the same to the men's team in the regional final.

Comments when I have them, feel free to do the same.


9:12 PM: UL 9 UNC 8. Decent start.  Heels missing some shots early and gave up a fast break basket.  They seems to have a good handle on the press and the zone right now.  QT might have issues with it which remains to be seen.

9:21 PM: UNC up five.  The Heels are playing great defense.  They are in the face and the boards are completely under control.  Danny Freaking Green hits a huge usual and the crowd is into it.

9:27 PM: UNC up seven.  The Heels look good.  They are doing all the things they need to do.  Thompson is playing a great game and Ginyard is going all the little things.

9:33 PM: Heels by 10. Offensive rebounds, offensive rebounds, offensive rebounds, offensive rebounds, offensive rebounds.

9:42 PM: Heels by 7.  A bit of a rough spot here that was really not that rough.  UNC had two breaks thwarted by a blocked shot followed by a turnover and Hansbrough mishandling a pass on the break leading to a turnover.  Heels would do well to score a few baskets to get the lead back to 10 or so before the half.

9:53 PM: Heels up 12 at halftime.  Great half for the Heels.  The only complaint is the number of missed chances that would have made this a 20 point lead at halftime.  The defense has been very good and the Heels have basically gotten anything they want on offense.  Will it continue?  Given what happened last season in the regional final I do not see this Tar Heel team losing this game.  Obviously anything could happen but this feels really good right now.

10:23 PM: Heels by 7.  Anyone else get a flashback from the Georgetown game when Danny Green missed that three?  Heels need to reassert control.

10:32 PM: Heels by 3.  Wow this got tight in a hurry.  The Heels are giving up too many offensive rebounds to start with and because of that they are not getting the ball out on the break.  Hansbrough with the big plays but UNC needs some stops and run.  I expect Lawson to come back for the duration.

10:40 PM: Heels by 2.  Time to put up or shut up.  All the talk about redeeming Georgetown and now it is time to step up and seize control of the game.  I think UL will tire given the energy the expended in coming back to tie the game.

10:58 PM: Heels by 5.  Survive....just survive.

11:03 PM: Heels by 7. Maybe....just maybe.  Hansbrough proving why he is the NPOY.

11:06 PM: HEELS BY 11 WITH ONE MINUTE LEFT!  Hansbrough with clutch shot after clutch shot.  UNC is 60 seconds away from San Antonio.

11:12 PM: FINAL FOUR BOUND!!!!!!!!