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#1 UNC vs #4 WSU: Game Thread

Just so you know my nerves are shot. Not sure why but I think I was less apprehensive last season than I am this season. This stands to be a tough one for all the reasons we have discussed over the past few days. Time for the talking to stop and the game to be played.

Comments is you got 'em.


7:34 PM: That was a quick four minutes.  UNC up 6-4 and I am little disconcerted with so many missed shots early but at the same time UNC is owning the boards and WSU is fairly cold on offense.  Nice defense by UNC with WSU running the clock now and forcing a fall away jumper by WSU's Low.  I also think UNC is running a bit more than I thought they would at this point and WSU seems to be taking shots earlier than I think most of thought they would.

7:37 PM: And Xavier has jumped all over WVU in the other game.  26-10 right now.

7:43 PM: Tied at 10.  Well it is WSU's pace and their halfcourt defense has force the Heels into all sorts of bad shots.  That last shot by Ellington was way off and Hansbrough has not scored.  UNC is very much a 2nd half team and a team all season that keeps probing until they find a way to get ahead.  I expect nothing less here.

7:52 PM: UNC up 17-14.  Jay Bilas is right in that they are a tad frustrated and they also keep trying to make passes that just are not there or they do not expect will be snagged.  The Heels are not shooting well and has committed seven turnovers and yet they are up three.  I think I will take it right now because I still believe they will exploit a certain moment in the game and seize control.  The Heels are the ones that have been here before and they have the talent.

7:57 PM: The offensive foul on Low was a makeup call for clearly screwing Lawson on the other end.  Shame of it was Lawson would have gotten FTs had the call been proper.  Ellington with the nice defensive play that gets the break going and puts UNC up five which enough of a concern that Tony Bennett wants to discuss it.

8:05 PM: Heels by nine with the ball and three minutes left in the half.  As I said, these Heels know when to exploit the right opportunity and Danny Green was quiet last weekend because it seems he likes to show up when UNC needs him most and he has in this half.

8:17 PM: UNC 35 WSU 21 at the half.  The Heels cap off the first half with a 20-6 run to assume command of the game.  Ty Lawson hits the big three to make it a 14 point game and all of this with Hansbrough only scoring two points.  Danny Freaking Green showed up in the clutch and Ellington has been good enough, especially on defense.  The focus now should be on pushing that lead out to start the half, punch the ball inside to create some foul trouble since Hansbrough's primary defender Baynes has two fouls.  UNC also needs to keep the defense clicking and if anything make WSU use 25-30 seconds every time down.  When you are up 14 on WSU their pace is a benefit to you in terms of milking the clock.  If WSU starts rushing to try and catch up the Heels might be able to get their offense cooking.  This game is about focus for the Heels now and pure execution on both ends.

8:43 PM: UNC up 16 and they should be up 20 or 22.  And the officiating sucks right now.  I really wish they could have knocked down at least two shots in the span since I think a 20+ point lead would be a bit too much to overcome given how slow WSU plays.  At any rate WSU will eventually have to speed up their offense and also start crashing the board which will keep them from getting back on defense as quickly.

8:52 PM: UNC up 19.  Alex Stepheson is the man.  That is all.

8:57 PM: At 8:57 PM on March 27th I hereby declare Ty Lawson to 100%.  Heels up 23.

9:03 PM: Little WSU run to get the lead down to 18?  Along comes Danny Freaking Green to crush the Cougars' hopes with a three.  Heels up 21 with a little over 7 mins left.

9:08 PM: Also, the crowd has been largely dead in this one so UNC is not enjoying an advantage in that respect.  The trip to Charlotte was a benefit but not the crowd even though it is partisan.

9:17 PM: Heels by 24.  This one is over as the Heels dominate.

9:25 PM: The Wooten Stache is in the game.

9:28 PM: Heels whip that Pac 10 rear end 68-47.