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2008 ACC Tournament First Round: Preview

Now the fun begins.

#8 Wake Forest vs #9 Florida State

There is really not much on the line here other than trying to win this game for the right to play UNC which cannot be considered much of a prize. Both of these teams will go to the NIT but the hope of playing spoiler versus the #1 team in the nation might be motivation in this one. FSU comes in as the hotter team having won four of their last five including a win over Miami last weekend. Wake Forest looked like world beaters in winning over Duke but after that receded a bit. Wake also has not played well away from home and FSU is a little more experienced which I think gives them the edge here. However Wake is 2-0 playing on ACCT Thursday, both those wins as the #12 seed so they should not be take lightly.

FSU 76 Wake 70

#5 Miami vs #12 NC State

Despite the fact that NCSU beat Miami earlier this season and despite the fact Sidney Lowe will probably break out the red jacket I do not think there is any magic left to click off another ACC run. Last season NCSU showed signs of life and had an experienced PG. None of that is true this season with the exception of 38 minutes against Duke two weeks ago. Miami has recovered from a 2-6 start in the ACC to get to 8-8 and must win on Thursday to have a shot at the NCAA Tournament which I think they can lock up by beating Virginia Tech on Friday should they get there. Miami should handle NCSU since they will be operating on motivation and talent. Mercifully for NCSU and their fans, the season ends.

Miami 85 NCSU 68

#7 Georgia Tech vs #10 Virginia

The bottom line here is Virginia is a better team now that earlier in the year and seem to be coming together as a unit. Georgia Tech on the other hand has been somewhat inconsistent all season so you never know which version you will get. In this matchup I would be very surprised not to see Sean Singletary play a huge game and push the Cavs into a rematch with Duke. This incredibly frustrating season for Georgia Tech will end on Thursday night.

UVa 88 GT 86

#6 Maryland vs #11 Boston College

This game will be ugly and Maryland is in a must win while Tyrese Rice would love to play spoiler to the Terps' NCAA hopes. However, I have almost no expectation that we will see anything close to resembling beautiful basketball from these two. It will be physical and most likely turnover prone on both sides. Not one to write home about.

MD 67 BC 59