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2008 ACC Tournament First Round: Review

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

FSU 70 Wake Forest 60

You got the feeling watching this one that Wake Forest basically had one really good game all season and that was beating Duke. There has been no sign of that team since then but considering the youth on this team I am not entirely shocked. FSU enjoyed balanced scoring with four players in double figures lead by Jason Rich. FSU has now won five of six with he only loss coming at the hands of their opponent on Friday, UNC. And did anyone notice that Wake's Jeff Teague looks a little like Randolph Childress, physically I mean. If Teague's play was anything close to resembling Childress in the ACC Tournament, FSU would be at home right now.

Miami 63 NC State 50

The ugliness in this game cannot be described with words. Perhaps graphic pictures of some sort would do it. NCSU took nine minutes to hit a field goal and scored only 17 in the first half. So Miami was way ahead right? Not so much. In fact Miami was only slightly better which made [UNNAMED ANALYST'S] assertion that Miami played a "solid game" comical on a variety of levels. Miami shot 36% from the floor which would get them run by most any other team in the ACC except that NCSU shot 34%. The box score on the Wolfpack side is absolute nightmare fuel once you get past the 27 points from J.J. Hickson. Gavin Grant closed out his NCSU career with two points on 0-3 shooting and a pair of free throws. Brandon Costner did not score, Courtney Fells was the 2nd leading scorer with six. In short, there are very bad things happening in the Wolfpack basketball program whose season mercifully ended with a nine game losing streak. As for the victors, Miami probably locked up an NCAA bid but really should not lose to Virginia Tech which might cast doubt on them again.

Georgia Tech 94 Virginia 76

Quite surprising. Virginia was leading 56-51, lead they built with Sean Singletary on the bench getting rest. Singletary returned and GT went on a 43-20 run to win the game. The Jackets got some very hot shooting to the tune of 58% and had five players in double figures. GT also shot 13-25 from three point range which leads me to believe that they will be ice cold tomorrow night when they face Duke. Then again this is GT who is one of those teams that thinks the conference tournament is the time to play ten times better than you have all season. On the Cavs' side, UVa says goodbye to Sean Singletary who finished with 20 points and 10 assists.

Boston College 71 Maryland 68

Where was this Maryland team during the game in Chapel Hill?  Maryland got out to a great start and then suddenly remembered who they really were which is a team that loves to give the ball to the other team, 21 times in this game to be exact.  BC took advantage and now they get a date with Clemson while Gary Williams gets the NIT.  Makes you wonder how much that 2002 NCAA title is worth in immunizing him against criticism.