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2008 ACC Tournament Quarterfinals: Preview

The day we all ignore our jobs and watch basketball.

#1 UNC vs #9 FSU

Deja vu.

Lawson will start and UNC will try to win over FSU for the 3rd time this season. The upside to being a top four seed is you face a team that played the day before. In this case FSU will put five players on the floor who all played at least 30 minutes versus Wake Forest on Thrusday. What is more than that Toney Douglas and Jason Rich played 39 and 37 minutes respectively. In getting Lawson back close to full speed UNC can begin the process of gelling for the NCAAs and the ACC Tournament is a good testing ground for that.

UNC 94 FSU 74

#4 Virginia Tech vs #5 Miami

I admit this is a tough game to get a read on. I predicted before the tournament that Miami would win this one but the Hurricanes must shoot the ball better than they did versus NCSU. Virginia Tech did go 9-7 in the ACC but did not clock any wins over significant competition unless you count Maryland. The other oddity is you have two teams that lost to NCSU in the regular season though Miami avenged that on Thursday. Some of how this game is determined will be predicated on how the refs call it and also how the Hokies younger players handle playing on a bigger stage versus the better Miami backcourt. In the end I think Miami wins the game but probably not in the prettiest fashion.

Miami 77 VT 68

#2 Duke vs #7 Georgia Tech

This game could end up being difficult for Duke. GT played exceptionally well against Virginia and if that continues this game might be one of the better ones of the day. In the only meeting during the regular season, GT missed several close shots, lost Matt Causey to a concussion at the end of the 1st half and also had to play the game at Cameron which is tougher than playing on a neutral court in Charlotte. Duke will try to bounce back from the loss to UNC and I expect will be focused out of the gate.

Duke 81 GT 74

#3 Clemson vs #11 Boston College

As well as Boston College played versus Maryland I am convinced Clemson is looking to make noise in the ACC Tournament and exceed the previous performances by Tiger teams in this event. And barring Tyrese Rice going bonkers like he did versus UNC, I do not see how BC has much hope in staying in this one. The Tigers are as close to UNC in terms of being a complete team with the huge exception being what goes on between the ears in terms of actually believing they belong with the big boys. If they roll the Eagles today, it might be evidence they have gotten over that particular hump.

Clemson 88 Boston College 64