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2008 ACC Tournament Quarterfinals: Review

No surprises, no drama

#1 UNC 82 #9 FSU 70

UNC slowly pulls away from FSU and expends very little energy doing it. Just the kind of first game you want to have when you are looking at possibly playing three in a row.

#4 Virginia Tech 63 #5 Miami 49

Neither team shot particularly well in this one but when it counted down the stretch the Hokies had the hot hand going on a 22-7 run to go from down one to winning by 14. The question is whether this was enough to get VT into the NCAA Tournament. Miami ends up 10-8 versus the ACC but has the win over Duke and a top 30 RPI. VT had yet to register a good win and this certainly counts. With their RPI at 59 it will be a tough call.

#2 Duke 82 #7 Georgia Tech 70

Duke was hot in the first half and then had issues in the 2nd half putting their offense together on a consistent basis. GT took advantage and cut a 44-29 halftime deficit to 52-50. What happened after that was Duke getting all the loose balls despite the fact GT was creating them and this resulted in open looks which the Devils converted. GT on the other hand ran out of gas and showed multiple instances of abject stupidity with the basketball once they closed the lead to two points. Beating Duke requires execution on the offensive end and GT failed to do that owed in part to Duke defense but more so to the fact Yellow Jacket players have no clue how to run any kind of half court offense and also do not know what flying hog wild into the lane is sure to get you a charge call versus Duke. In the end GT beat themselves as much as Duke did.

#3 Clemson 82 #11 Boston College 48

Clemson came out and did exactly what I thought they would. The Tigers are motivated carrying with them the best chance any Clemson team has had to win an ACC title or at least advance to the title game. They basically did everything right in dominating BC right from the start affording the Tigers the opportunity to rest some starters in preparation for Duke.