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2008 ACC Tournament Semifinals:Preview

The four top seeds face off.

#1 UNC vs #4 Virginia Tech

The general feeling here is a team is not going to go from losing to another team by 39 in the regular season to beating them in the ACC Tournament. That is not to say it will not happen but UNC simply matches up with VT very well and anything less than a blowout would be a surprise here.

UNC 88 VT 65

#2 Duke vs #3 Clemson

In a tournament that has lacked interesting games, this one might fit the bill. Clemson has all the parts it needs to beat Duke and played the Devils close in Durham during their one meeting of the season. The problem for the Tigers is they do not believe they can win and really fell apart at Duke. Heading into this one you have a Duke team that has been up and down during the course of their games when it comes to finding an offense. Clemson looks very much like a team on a mission and smacked BC around in impressive fashion. If Duke shows up with the same huge scoring droughts we saw versus GT and even UNC last weekend, Clemson has a real chance to take this one considering the way the Tigers play defense and pressure the basketball. The Tigers are also very capable of dominating the middle which should easily trump Duke's play in the middle. For Duke it would behoove them to take care of the basketball and hit their threes since their offense may be limited beyond that. The hot and cold nature of the Duke offense is going to rear it's head and hurt the Devils at the wrong time. Clemson is capable of taking advantage of that and assuming they can believe in their own ability to win, they can pull the minor upset.

Clemson 82 Duke 78