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ACC Basketball Update(3/22)

Clemson is still Clemson. Miami and UNC hold up fine.

NCAA Tournament

#1 UNC 113 #16 Mt. St. Mary's 74

Impressive.  Most Impressive.

#7 Miami 78 #10 St. Mary's 64

Wow what a surprise.  Miami was the ACC that was supposed to wet the bed while the top three at least made it to the 2nd weekend.  Now that Clemson is out, Miami will have to pick up the slack.  Not that the Hurricanes have a prayer versus Texas but it was nice to see them advance at least one round.  And lost in the day's news and the 40 points by Davidson's Stephon Curry was Jack McClinton's 38 points as the only double figures scorer Miami had on the day.  It will take more than that for the Longhorns.

#12 Villanova 75 #5 Clemson 69

Poor Clemson.  The ACC Tournament must have been the crown jewel of their season since they layed an egg in the 2nd half of this one versus Villanova.  Then again all the low seeds won in Tampa so maybe Clemson was up against forces it could not possibly hope to understand or defeat.  Clemson could not buy a shot in the 2nd half, found their pressure to be wholly ineffective once Villanova solved it.  The Tigers were also foul prone all game long which in no way can be blamed on playing UNC.  At least Clemson fans have football to care about now.

Saturday's Game

West Regional: #2 Duke vs #7 West Virginia, 2:10 PM

This is likely be a better matchup for Duke than Belmont was and the pace might be more tolerable.  The one issue the Devils face is WVU plays good defense and is well coached by Bob Huggins.  The Duke players will also be looking for that spring in their step which seems to be missing over the past few games.  In the end I think Duke finds a way and hits a few shots in this one.

Duke 75 WVU 68