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ACC Basketball Update(3/23)

Down goes Duke.

NCAA Tournament

#7 West Virginia 73 #2 Duke 67

At some point someone needs to answer why Duke plays so well for so long during the season and in March has layed an egg in every NCAA Tournament since 2001 with the exception of 2004.  For whatever reason Duke comes to the end of the season and has nothing left for the NCAA Tournament.  This season was more of the same despite the greater use of a bench by Mike Krzyzewski.  Now in one respect this team had holes.  Greg Paulus is a great shooter but does not play the PG slot at the level you need to win a national title.  The lack of a legitimate interior scorer, which everyone said would be an issue, turned out to be an issue. Duke does have some interior help on the way and I think Nolan Smith has to be the starter at PG next season with Paulus moving over to the two guard.  Then again, K can be as stubborn as he wants to be about this and keep banging his head against the wall for all I care.

South Regional: #2 Texas vs #7 Miami, 2:15 PM

There is no reason to believe Miami will do anything but lose this game by 15-29 points.  It was a nice run by the Hurricanes but by the time UNC takes the court after 5 PM, they will be the last ACC team standing.

Texas 87 Miami 66

East Regional: #1 UNC vs #9 Arkansas, 5:20 PM

This one is worrisome and after watching UCLA nearly lose the worry is UNC has 1-2 players struggle mightily opening the door for the Razorbacks.  Then again, UNC appears to be locked in based on what was seen on Friday night.

UNC 88 Arkansas 72