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ACC Postseason Accolades, Part 1

All ACC teams announced and to no one's surprise Tyler Hansbrough was a unanimous pick.

Tyler Hansbrough is now the third player in ACC history to be named unanimous All-ACC three years in a row.  He was joined by Duke's Demarcus Nelson, BCs Tyrese Rice, UVa's Sean Singletary and Miami's Jack McClinton.  The first four in that group were sort of a no brainer with McClinton capturing what was really an "at large" spot.  Maryland's Greivis Vasquez was a favorite for the fifth spot but fell nine points short and ended up on the second team.

Wayne Ellington was named to the 2nd team and Ty Lawson was honorable mention.  Lawson was a preseason first team pick but his midseason injury precluded him from being considered for more.

Marcus Ginyard was named to the All Defensive team with Tyler Hansbrough as an honorable mention for that team.

The player of the year, rookie of the year, and coach of the year will be announced on Tuesday.  Obviously Hansbrough will win POY.  Kyle Singler is the likely choice for ROY.  As for COY, Mike Krzyzewski was getting a lot focus for that midseason when it looked like Duke might end up winning the ACC.  Now that the Devils have finished second as predicted and you have VT's Seth Greenberg and Miami's Frank Haith guiding their teams from a predicted cellar finish to 4th and 5th in the ACC the argument can be made one of these two should get the award.  I am partial to Greenberg here since I think he did so much after losing two senior guards.  I have heard some noise about Roy for COY because he managed the injures and in a way exceeded expectations which would have been lower had folks know Lawson would be out so long.  That has some merit but I still would rather see a coach who put his team at a level no one would have guessed given what we knew in November.