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THF's 2008 ACC Tournament Predictions

Where to begin. Heading into this one you have three teams locked into the NCAA Tournament and as many as three others who would like to get in. Two of those teams, Miami and Maryland play on the first day which means they have to win one for sure but in doing so play the next game at a bit of a disadvantage. In the bottom tier you have lots of talented players and teams who have made noise at some point or another this season including UVa and BC which have two players that are just as likely to drop 40 as do anything else. In the upper half I like UNC's line thought Miami is playing better than they were the last time UNC saw them. I think Duke and Clemson will see each other on Saturday and my gut feeling is Clemson will find a way to get it done this time versus Duke setting up a third UNC-Clemson meeting which will undoubtedly give us all cardiac episodes. My picks after the jump.

1st Round

#9 FSU defeats #8 Wake Forest
#5 Miami defeats #12 NC State
#10 Virginia defeats #7 Georgia Tech
#6 Maryland defeats #11 Boston College


#1 UNC defeats #9 FSU
#5 Miami defeats #4 Virginia Tech
#2 Duke defeats #10 Virginia
#3 Clemson defeats #6 Maryland


#1 UNC defeats #5 Miami
#3 Clemson defeats #2 Duke


#1 UNC defeats #3 Clemson