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Did You Know UNC Was Running Up The Score on Arkansas?

According to the brillant minds at ESPN.

Let me state up front this is against my better judgment to acknowledge these comments but 850 the Buzz has video from ESPN's morning show First Take in which Dana Jacobson askes Jalen Rose and Skip Bayless about UNC having the starters in up 36(Jacobson actually says 38 and feel free to insert your own Dana Jacobson drunk joke here.)  Jalen Rose is shocked!  SHOCKED that UNC would be so classless and Skip Bayless is just incredulous over the whole thing to the point that he is now hoping for a Washington State upset on Thursday since this kind of behavior is "beneath Roy Williams' diginity" which is a pretty funny statement since I am not entirely sure Bayless would know dignity if it fell in his lap.

Rose also had issues with Danny Green's dancing(which was very subdued on Sunday) because if someone from Michigan had done something like that we all know it would be a problem.  Apparently Rose does not speak much with Doug Gottlieb who raised six kinds of hell about Danny Green's dancing. This led to Roy snubbing Gottlieb on an interview and now poor Dougie has a vendetta against the Heels in every on air comment he makes. Anyway, I really only have one thing to say to Jalen Rose, member of the 1993 NCAA runner-up team(vacated).


As for Bayless, I like the comment Red and White's Alpha Wolf had on 850's post:

Skip Bayless is a jack*** on the level that Gregg Doyel hopes to one day reach. If there is any personality on the Four Letter Network with less reason and insight than him, I can’t think of it. He’s the equivalent of a radio shock jock with a mouth his talent cannot cash.

That about sums it up.  It is really amazing that ESPN has so many of these guys on their payroll.  Can you imagine what the office Christmas party is like when you get Gottlieb, Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Stephen A. Smith, and a few of the other obnoxious talking heads in the same room with a free flow of alcohol?  I think there is a good chance one of them might offend a religious group or something...but I digress.

For the record, Roy has said there is never a set method for pulling starters or how many minutes the starters play.  He says he makes substitutions based on the flow of the game.  In this case Hansbrough had the most minutes among the starters with 31 followed  by Marcus Ginyard with 28, Wayne Ellington with 25, Ty Lawson with 24 and Deon Thompson with 21.  I am not sure what Rose or Bayless would have Roy do here.  This is the NCAA Tournament and maintaining an edge is important.  At this point in the season, practices are minimized for the sake of making sure the players can give a full effort in the game and guess what, this was a game and having the guys play just 20 minutes while the scrubs played would probably have been less beneficial.  And don't talk to me about injuries.  Ty Lawson was hurt twice in the opening minutes of games this season.  Injuries can happen at any time so whether it is three minutes left of 33 minutes left the risk is the same in my opinion.  At this point in the season teams need to show up, Arkansas failed to do that and they got crushed in the first ten minutes.  After that is was basically a live game practice and UNC played the Hawgs even in the 2nd half mainly because they went on cruise control defensively. In the end UNC completely dominated the game without expending all that much effort which probably says more about the way Arkansas approached the game than it does UNC.

As I said, I probably should have left it alone, but than again it is fun to call out idiots when they act this way in hopes that perhaps someone will get the message and show them the door.