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Hansbrough Named ESPN Player of the Year

Obviously it is not one if the big six NPOY awards but I have to think these affect the voters down the line, a little like the primaries in an election year and much to the chagrin of John Gasaway.

Hansbrough won the vote 8-3 among the ESPN "experts"  and I use that term very loosely when it comes to the likes of Doug Gottlieb.  And that has nothing to do with Gottlieb voting for Michael Beasley is has more to do with the fact he is a certified moron in general.  The reasons given for Michael Beasley were predicated on his having better numbers in general and not having a supporting cast.  Andy Glockner made the most curious assertion of the bunch though:

Beasley is not surrounded by the same level of talent Durant had, especially after the Wildcats lost David Hoskins for the season, but he very well could carry K-State as far in the NCAAs as Durant did Texas.

That almost sounds like a joke since Texas was eliminated in the 2nd round by USC last season.  As for the pro-Hansbrough contingent.  His drive, effort and the hoisting of the Tar Heel team and placing them on his shoulders while Lawson was out tipped the scales in his favor.