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Hansbrough's Jersey To Be Retired

Tyler Hansbrough has been named National Player of the Year by The Sporting News and as a result UNC has announced his #50 jersey will be retired. Hansbrough, who crossed the 2000 point mark Saturday against Duke, will join Antawn Jamison, Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Phil Ford, Lennie Rosenbluth, George Glamack and Jack Cobb on the first row of jerseys hanging in the rafters of the Smith Center.

From the N&O:

"It truly is something special to have accomplished," Hansbrough said in a statement. "In fact, it's kind of hard to sit here and talk about how it feels to be put in the same category as the players who are up there already."

Antawn Jamison, unanimous national player of the year in 1998, was the last Tar Heel to have his jersey retired.

"There will never be another one just like him," North Carolina coach Roy Williams said in a statement. "I am so lucky to be his coach. For the rest of my career, I will be able to look up into that first row and see his jersey ... and I know that will bring a big smile to my face."

Needless to say this is well deserved given the way Hansbrough has played the game and represented UNC both on and off the court. His all out effort and the stats he has posted put him in the same company with those greats and like Roy, I think it will be nice to always look up and see his jersey hanging there on the front row.