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Heels Back At The Top of Both Polls

Despite not having Ty Lawson for six games and the various other injuries UNC endured, the Tar Heels still found a way to win and have now returned to the top of the AP and ESPN/USA Today polls. Of course the standard disclaimer applies, it is better to cut down the nets in April than be ranked #1 really at any point of the season. However, the fact UNC was able to make it back to #1 despite the adversity over the past month says something about this team as Roy pointed out during the ACC conference call today:

"I like it better later in the year because it means that you’ve accomplished something, and I think what it says about our team is that we have gotten better defensively, [and] we have been able to withstand some adversity. We’ve had a guy who has really had four years of adversity and some tough times to step up and really do a great job for us in Quentin Thomas. So all of those things together have put us on a nice little run here, but I do think the defensive part and the toughness is something that I’m really proud of because some of those games have been pretty bleak.

"The kids have never stopped playing and trying to do the best they can do in the course of a 40-minute game – of course, one of them was a 50-minute game. If we can get Ty [Lawson] back completely healthy, I think it’s going to make our team stronger because Quentin Thomas, Alex Stepheson, Will Graves and those guys who have been forced into action because of the injuries have had positive moments and I think that gives them confidence as well. I’m proud of the toughness of our team."

Now just do me a favor and whip FSU and Duke this week or else you will look like all moronic like Tennessee did moving to #1 then losing right off the bat.