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Hey Mike Freeman, Did You Hear What Rick Pitino Said?

Earlier this month we have several in the media spouting off that Tyler Hansbrough was overhyped by the media and hyperbole was the name of the game when describing him citing the likes of Dick Vitale and Bill Rafferty. And while the media can be that way, it is very difficult to get around what Rick Pitino said last night. To paraphrase him he basically said he had coached against Michael Jordan as well as other NBA greats and he can honestly say he has never seen a player who works as hard on every possession as Tyler Hansbrough. Pitino said he did not have the same talent and what not but the effort could never be quesitoned and according to him not even comparable.

So Mike Freeman and others can whine about the things people in the media say about Hansbrough but when a coach with the level of success as Pitino says these kinds of things about Hansbrough you know it is not media hot air but fairly close to the truth.