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Lawson Talks About the Sprain

In case you were wondering what was going on for the past month, Ty Lawson explains.

"We didn’t know the ankle injury was as serious as it was,'' Lawson said after he played 21 minutes against Boston College. He went on to explain that he originally thought it was a mild ankle sprain, but a later MRI showed that the ligaments were hurt worse than he originally thought.

"The day after I hurt it, or two days, I was practicing for the Duke game, and it was hurting, and we thought it wasn’t as [bad] as it really was. So that was the most frustrating thing, trying to practice on it other days [and] it was still hurting. So we decided to shut it down, and it made it a lot better."

Lawson played in a thick ankle brace Saturday, and although he was hesitant in the first half, he said it will take only an improved confidence level to get back to 100 percent. He said his ankle didn't hurt during the game.

I think the issue with this sprain is it was initially approached like the first sprain as something he could bounce back from quickly and play with some pain but it would eventually get better. As it turns out it was far worse than the thought and they reached a point, probably with the Clemson game to give it extended rest and see how it was. The good great news is there was no pain during the game and it appears he is on track to get back to form. Let's hope two regular season games and the ACC Tournament is enough time for that to happen.