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Lawson Will Start on Friday

From ACC Now:

UNC point guard Ty Lawson will return to the starting lineup in the ACC quarterfinals on Friday, coach Roy Williams said, as long as everything goes well in practice Thursday.

Lawson, a sophomore, has come off the bench for three straight games after missing six with a sprained left ankle.

The ankle remains in a thick black brace, but he told Williams his left hip pointer has actually been bothering him more than his ankle.

He also twisted his right ankle during Saturday's win at Duke when he landed on a photographer after a reverse layup, but he said he's feeling fine.

First of all, a huge thanks to Quentin Thomas for filling the PG role for the past month plus. This team is not sitting at 29-2 without him and I hope he continues to play as well coming off the bench as he did as the starter. Secondly, Lawson returning as a starter essentially means he is practicing more fully and I expect his assertion following the Duke game that he would be close to 100% by the end of the ACC Tournament is on track.