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NCAA Tournament: 1st Round Friday

Well at least my bracket is still mostly intact despite the four missed picks(BYU, Kent, USC and Baylor in case you were wondering.)

Today the Heels take the court in their quest for a fifth NCAA title. Clemson and Miami also see action in their respective regions. Here is hoping we get better games than we did yesterday where Duke-Belmont was the only game with real drama. A quick glance of the schedule seems to indicate this will be the case. Obviously UNC fans will be watching to see what happens in the East with #2 Tennessee vs #15 American. #3 Louisville vs #14 Boise State will be one of the late games tonight as will #8 Indiana vs #9 Arkansas.

Around the rest of the country I think #7 Gonzaga vs #10 Davidson, #5 Drake vs #12 Western Kentucky and #7 Butler vs #10 South Alabama stand to be good games. Why? Because all six teams are mid-major schools and it will be interesting to see how Butler, Gonzaga and Drake do being the favored teams. #7 Miami will play #10 St. Mary's around the same time Davidson is playing over at the RBC Center which makes me wonder which game WRAL will carry on their main feed.

For the record I have four true upsets picked today: St. Mary's, Davidson, St. Joseph's and Siena. If these do not pan out and upsets happen elsewhere I will be in a world of hurt.

Open thread for your commenting pleasure, have at it and enjoy the games!

Update: In case you were wondering what the CBS coverage will be for the games today, the maps can be found here. To answer my own question above, the Raleigh area will see the RBC Center games all day with the exception of the Clemson game tonight.