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NCAA Tournament: 1st Round Thursday

The greatest two days of the college basketball season.

There are sixteen games being played today at various sites around the country. You can get a quick rundown of everything that is happening here. The consensus game of the day will be #6 USC vs #11 Michael Beasley State(because apparently there is no one else on his team.) The matchup between Beasley and O.J. Mayo will be fun and I will have to watch it on the laptop since Duke-Belmont will be carried on the local station in Raleigh.

Games of interest for the Tar Heels fans are #4 Washington State vs #13 Winthrop(7:20 PM) and #5 Notre Dame #12 George Mason(9:50 PM) since any of those four could be waiting for UNC in Charlotte should the Heels advance that far. As always there will be some surprises which is what makes this event so much fun.

Consider this an open thread for commenting on today's action. Also note that the Tar Heels will be having an open practice today at 4:25 PM over at the RBC Center. It is my understanding Roy actually intends to practice in Chapel Hill and then bring the team over for some fun shooting around and dunking for the fans. If my day works out I might head over there.