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NCAA Tournament: 2nd Round Sunday

My bracket is a complete mess.

I was too high on Pitt that is for sure.

The final day of the best four days of the college basketball season includes four lower seeds playing each other all at the same site in Tampa.  Given the trouble UCLA had with Texas A&M the question as to whether one of the other two #1 seeds has the same problem.   To that I say Memphis: Yes.  UNC: No.

One interesting note is as much as UNC fans complained about getting Indiana the #8 how do you think Tennesse feels getting Butler seeing that Butler has 30 wins.  An upset of UT by Butler likely has the best odds of the day for another big upset.  Lousiville, who many see as the 2nd best team in the East, will try to push Oklahoma out and problably succeed in quick order.

And besides the UNC game at 5:20 I will be attending #2 Georgeetown vs #10 Davidson really hoping I see another incredible performance out of Stephon Curry.  And yes I will be cheering against Georgetown in full.

Open thread for comments, I will try to throw in my two cents via my Blackberry.