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Observations From The RBC Center

Spending Sunday afternoon watching two NCAA Tournament games in person is not a bad way to pass the time.

  • This was my first time ever attending NCAA Tournament games in basketball.  And I agree with the folks I was at the game with.  The NCAA puts on a fairly bland presentation.  From the covering up of half the signs in the building to running NCAA promotional videos on the scoreboard at halftime and between games instead of, I don't know, showing us the games from other regions.
  • I had another friend at the game and he was sitting in a section occupied by a few Wolfpack club members.  He said they were happy Davidson won and a UNC loss would make the day perfect saying it would be an "all red day" if Arkansas won.  Classy attitude on their part.  Then again they were probably really pissed off to see so much Carolina blue occupying their building and the fact we did the TAR! HEELS! chant during the game.
  • The Razorback mascot is ugly as sin.
  • I have said this before from my visits to the Dean Dome but Roy is fun to watch as he coaches.  He is very animated.
  • Speaking of coaches after the team introductions Roy walked down to midcourt in front of the scorer's table to shake John Pelphrey's hand and when he got there, Pelphrey had not come over so he kept walking until he was almost to the Arkansas bench.  Roy got the attention of a Razorback assistant who told Pelphrey.  The Razorback coach was engrossed in diagramming a play for his team that he did not realize or forgot.  He quickly ran over and shook Roy's hand.
  • The Davidson-Georgetown game was an incredible contest and I would not be surprised if complaints about teams playing close to home gets some traction.  Davidson enjoyed loud and boisterous support from the Davidson contingent present and most of the UNC fans who probably were more interested in hating Georgetown than loving Davidson.  Still it was a huge plus for Davidson to have that kind of support.
  • Stephen Curry is a complete freak and somewhere Seth Greenberg spent most of the 2nd half banging his head against a concrete wall.  I thought Davidson was toast but the Hoyas went cold and Curry heated up.  Not only did Curry hit shots but he made some passes that made me think he was throwing the ball away or taking a bad shot.
  • We spotted Patrick Ewing sitting on the other side and at halftime he was seen talking to Pat Riley.  Perhaps the Miami Heat are interested in Roy Hibbert for the draft?  Anyway, at one point Ewing fiddled with his chair as though he broke it somehow.
  • The Davidson players got a nice ovation when they emerged from the locker room during the UNC game.  At that point the UNC pep band played Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" which has become a theme song for Davidson.
  • Watching the Georgetown fan section when it appeared Davidson was going to win was entertaining as they basically stood there starting forward wondering where the heck their huge lead against a #10 seed went.
  • The NCAA logo on the floor drew Roy's ire after players kept slipping on it.  What I do not understand is why it needs to be so large.  Is covering up what ever logo that is originally on the floor that important?  You have NCAA at different spots on the floor and it is not like we do not know this is the NCAA Tournament.  I am beginning to think that the NCAA actually believes leaving the original logo there takes away from the neutrality of the court somehow.  That must be the same reasoning involved in covering up one of the two RBC Center logos on the court.