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The McDonalds All American Game

Three future Heels show their wares.

Tyler Zeller, Ed Davis and Larry Drew had good outings during the McDonalds High School All American game Wednesday night as the East won 107-102 over the West.  Here are my impressions of the three soon to be UNC freshman:

Tyler Zeller, 6 points

Zeller runs the court well, appears to have excellent skills as a shooter and should fit nicely into the Roy Williams fast break offense.  Since they do not play much defense in this game it is hard to say much about that but Zeller does need to put on weight and muscle so he can assert himself more on the boards.

Ed Davis, 11 points

Davis probably had the best game of the three from the parts I watched.  He did a great job grabbing rebounds on the offensive glass and looks like a very good athlete.  It will be interesting to see where he fits in if Tyler Hansbrough returns and UNC already having Deon Thompson and Alex Stepheson.  There is a chance you will see UNC go bigger, especially if Davis and Zeller can run the floor.

Larry Drew, 7 points

I actually think Drew might be the most important recruit of the three if Ty Lawson goes to the NBA.  Of course if Hansbrough also goes to the NBA then the other two more much more important but if Lawson leaves you will have Bobby Frasor starting at point and Larry Drew as his backup.  Drew showed the ability to hit some threes and based on what I have read he is a smart player who can run the offense.  That is to say he is more Frasor than Lawson but that in itself may not really be an issue.

At any rate, if the NBA defections are limited to Lawson then UNC will come back with a very deep team and only a downgrade at point guard.  Assuming Frasor and Drew can be as good as Quentin Thomas was during Lawson's injury, that step down is not really that far.