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UNC #1 Overall Seed in the NCAA Tournament

Not that the Selection Committee cared.

Let me first say that I view the Selection Committee much the same way I do referees. You can complain about the referees all you want but if you make plays then it does not matter how bad the officiating might be in any given game. The same is true of the Committee. They can do a horrific job in laying out the bracket but in the end if you play the game at your top level, especially as the #1 overall seed then it does not matter who you play. So the following rant is more of principle based rant and not whining about the potential toughness of UNC's game since any number of upsets could change all that and I would have complained for nothing.

UNC has been declared the #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament which by definition means they should play the weakest seed in every seeding group. If you ranked the teams 1 to 64 UNC should play the 64, 32, 16, 8, 4 and 2 overall seeds. If that is the case how in the name of Dean Smith does the #2 team in the RPI(Tennessee) end up as the #2 seed in the region? How does UNC, as the #1 overall, find the Vols who were debated as a #1 seed until 24 hours ago in the same regional? This does not make any sense to me and neither does Indiana being the #8 seed in the East when they have been ranked in the top 25 all season. Of course being #8 in the same region with the overall #1 seed means Indiana is the #32 team in the tournament which is not that far off the Hoosiers' current ranking just inside the top 25. Still it seems odd for the #1 overall seed to be in what some people are calling the toughest region. Perhaps the committee took into account the Raleigh-Charlotte path for UNC and were willing to make it a little tougher. My problem with that is if you seed the top four then the seeding after that should reflect it and from where I sit it does not. However, as I said, it is all about playing the game and upsets could turn the bracket upside down rendering this moot. I am just puzzled that's all.

My first instinct in looking at the East is that we will see UNC playing Notre Dame in the Sweet Sixteen with Tennessee vs Louisville. UNC will play Louisville and advance to the Final Four. And like the inane ramblings of Seth Davis be prepared to hear how every team in the East will be too tough for UNC to beat. This was a theme last season and apparently it has already started this year. And I do disagree with Roy as it pertains to playing in Raleigh and Charlotte. I think it helps that UNC has to travel less for their games than the teams they play. Ultimately UNC has to show up and play at the top of their game, much like they did versus Clemson in the ACC title game. However I think being close to home makes doing that easier. And being 21-1 in NCAA Tournament games played in North Carolina points to a very nice historical trend we would all like to see more of over the next two weeks.