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UNC 82 FSU 70

Taking care of business.

UNC played a very even keel game, took control late in the first half and maintained a lead in the 10-15 point range before winning by 12.  Tyler Hansbrough did not make it to the FT line until the 2nd half and Roy made his displeasure with the referee known near the end of the game.

The defense was good in stretches but allowed FSU to shoot 49% which is not what you want to see.  On offense the PG play was productive from both Ty Lawson and Quentin Thomas.  Lawson still looks like he missing that fifth gear he has over other players.  As a result he is as Roy pointed out "not running past people."  Since he is dealing with both the ankle and hip pointer I am not sure when he gets that part of his game back.  QT did not struggle coming off the bench which was a good sign.  Both Wayne Ellington and Marcus Ginyard had solid offensive games to compliment to the 22 from Hansbrough and UNC quite simply took care of the matter in an effecient manner.

So the Heels advance and get a team they whipped by 39 in Chapel Hill in the form of Virginia Tech.  On paper and based on the last game you would think UNC will enjoy an easy ride here.  But, this is the ACC Tournament so anything could happen and usually does.