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UNC at Duke: Game Thread

On March 7th, 1998 I went out and bought my first car. It was a Ford Escort and as I was at the dealer I watched UNC top Maryland in OT to advance to the ACC Championship. The next day UNC played Duke for the ACC title and dominated the Blue Devils to win by 15. The reason I bring this up is I bought a new(used) car yesterday and it also a nice shade of Carolina blue. I am just hoping the Heels can repeat the same feat against Duke they pulled off ten years ago today.

Open game thread for your commenting pleasure. I will be watching the game with some folks and will drop thoughts when I get a chance.


9:12 PM: I love the start. UNC is controlling the boards, getting about anything they want on offense and the defense has been very good. I hope they can play like this the whole game because Duke looks a little off right now.

9:21 PM: Heels were a little flat through that four minute stretch but they are still controlling the boards and with Zoubek and Thomas tagged with two fouls early, that come be trouble for Duke.

9:32 PM: Well a garbage offensive foul calls taints what has been a terrific stretch for UNC. The defense has been ASTOUNDING and the offense working largely without using Hansbrough all that much. Lawson got that drive to the hoop looking like his old self and if that continues the Heels could start clicking here. Heels up 11 at the 3rd TV timeout.


9:48 PM: Duke makes a run, gets some three and UNC answers. Danny Green with the big plays and they are up double digits without Hansbrough making big contributions.

9:54 PM: UNC 42 Duke 31 at halftime. The defense has been incredible and the move to put a taller player in Demarcus Nelson is pure genius on the part of Roy. I have not seen this team play defense like this all season and if they can play the 2nd half like they normally do this game is over. Duke has basically got four threes from Greg Paulus and that is about it. Ty Lawson looks much better, has been able to do some of the things he normally does but still tentative. And the Heels have done this with Hansbrough having a quiet eight points and Danny Green stepping up huge.

10:18 PM: Heels not controlling the boards and Duke is playing better than UNC is right now. The lead is down to five and it is not like we did not know it was not going to happen. What is UNC to do? Hit some clutch shots and Duke should hit a dry spell.

10:28 PM: Lead down to three and it feels like the Heels are just hanging on. They need a run to extend this back out and knock Duke back a little mentally. Right now Duke feels like they can get anything they want. UNC now being outrebounded after doing a great job on the boards in the first half.

10:41 PM: This is killing me. Heels had so many chances to push the lead back out at 57-54 and missed them now it is tied and Duke has the ball. UNC is a tough team and Hansbrough will be back in for the stretch run now.

10:47 PM: Honestly. We cannot buy a shot right now and it feels like we are one Duke three away from being down five and in deep trouble.