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Another Rumor If You Can Stand It

This one has both Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington meeting with agents and going pro.

Brandon Staton, senior journalism student and former sports editor of the Daily Tar Heel says, based on "reliable sources" that Ellington has met with an agent and plans to enter the draft.  He also says Lawson has done the same posting it on his blog, The Offensive Board(see note at the end):

I have very reliable sources that have told me that Wayne Ellington has already met with agents and made the decision and that Lawson has more or less left himself with no other choice. Now, I heard similar rumors about Lawson at this time last season, but last night Lawson was spotted at Outback in Durham meeting with an agent. I was told that they were discussing the draft and the number 21 was mentioned, presumably about the time the North Carolina point guard would be chosen. That sounds about right to me. And according to that source, Lawson's dad did not look happy. I'm sure North Carolina fans won't be to happy either as their situation at the point will be the topic of conversation from now until March.

I will first state this could be a joke and I also would point out the guy is a senior at UNC and former sports editor of the school newspaper but refers to "North Carolina fans" as though he is not one of them which I find odd.

And while I could be very wrong here I am calling poppycock on the account.  The post was dated today, April 18th and refers to Lawson meeting with an agent at Outback in Durham "last night."  If "last night" is to mean Thursday, April 17th then that strikes me as odd since the awards banquet was last night and Lawson was involved with that until after 9 PM.  I suppose it is possible that Lawson and his family trekked over to the Outback in Durham to meet with an agent but that seems odd to me.  And I know a former DTH sports editor probably has sources but I would think those sources would provide better information than an eyewitness account from the local Outback.  And does anyone else think the final line is very, very strange?

My sense is this "scoop" is garabage and while Ellington and Lawson might end up declaring for the draft it will not validate this information outside of him basically getting a 50-50 guess right.

NOTE: I have quote all of the post save one sentence here.  I am not linking to it since I do not want to give him traffic if this is a joke designed to capture traffic.