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FoxSports Reports Lawson To Declare Without An Agent

Jeff Goodman at is reporting that Ty Lawson intends to enter the draft but not hire an agent in an effort to "test the waters"

If true, I think this is odd since Lawson is probably not at full speed coming off the ankle injury. Then again, it could be simply a move to go through the process and get a sense of what he needs to do.

UPDATE: Also, what can we infer abour the other two by Lawson's news coming out in this manner. Do they plan to do differently? It would seem if more than one intended to enter the draft or they all intended to go, a press conference would have been in order to make that known. Could we be looking at a press release indicating Hansbrough and Ellington are staying with a press conference for Lawson to announce he is leaving?

UPDATE #2: Another point. ICAdmin on the IC message board is saying that UNC will not do a PC unless they think the player is leaving for good. "Testing the waters" news will likely be done via a press release.