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CONFIRMED: Hansbrough Returning; Ellington and Lawson Declare

According to UNC, Tyler Hansbrough has elected to return and complete his wanton destruction of major Tar Heel scoring and rebounding records. Wayne Ellington will be joining Ty Lawson in the draft process without an agent. At this point I expect Ellington to eventually return and possibly Lawson as well.

All in all, getting Hansbrough back satisfies a small desire I had to see him break the all time scoring and rebounding marks at UNC while also trying to take down the ACC scoring mark held by J.J. Redick. In terms of the decisions by the other two, it is hard to fault them for getting out there in the process and seeing where it goes. Assuming they listen to the experts and make level headed decisions, in the end this is nothing but a postive move for both of them. You can also look at the fact that if they do indeed return they will be highly motivated to play at a high level and if that is properly channeled within the team UNC will be the favorite to win the title.

I will hold off on analyzing next year's team until we know the final disposition of the two guards. The pre-draft camp will come at the end of May and the final date for withdrawl is 10 days before the draft. The reports from camp will likely tell us which way this will go.