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As I speculated when his name was floated earlier this week, Green and his father have staked out into the draft process independent of UNC.

"Danny and his father contacted me in the last 24 hours and indicated they wished to test the waters and enter Danny in the draft," says head coach Roy Williams. "We have done the necessary paperwork to do that."

Now you are looking at real problems since he was the safety net to losing Wayne Ellington and Ty Lawson.

Okay, I think this might be a huge issue because I think it points to broken relationship between Green and his family and the UNC staff. Remember Roy said late in the week that Green was not looking at going and dismissed the DraftExpress report out of hand. Obviously he was not informed of Green's intentions and you have to wonder if (1) he asked Green prior to making the statement and was told it was not true or (2) he never talked to Green and dismissed the report when he asked on an assumption.

Another question is whether this pisses Roy off that he denied the report and then was basically undercut by Green and his father forcing him to make a statement today about. Anyway it goes, I am not sure it bodes well for Green to return. The pressures Green probably feels from his family given his father's situation are tough but at the same time it has been documented that Green's father has been discontent with the playing time his son has gotten.