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Decision Day?

Common sense dictates that if a press conference is forthcoming it would be today. The prevailing wisdom is that a press conference means bad news(for UNC) and a simple press release means they are all staying. The issue here is there are three players all operating with the same level of indecisiveness on this issue so how does three potentially different types of news get handled? The fact the NFL is this weekend and UNC football player Kentwan Balmer is a possible 1st round pick, it would be nice to get this business out of the way so Balmer can enjoy his moment in the sun.

I think something breaks today. What that something is, I have no idea. I do know that from a fan perspective the worst case is all three declaring without an agent which simply extends this madness another six weeks. Of course Roy has said their information gathering is so good, "testing the waters" has never happened. I would venture to say since he arrived back at UNC there have not been three borderline 1st round picks before and those are they guys who need to work to see if they can improve.

At any rate, I will be watching the message boards and the local news wire for anything substantial.