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They Should Not Have Let Marc Davis Retire

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The guy jumping off the balcony of the frat house into the pool is Bobby Frasor. Yes, that Bobby Frasor. The same Bobby Frasor, who on December 27, 2007 fell awkwardly during the game against Nevada and did unholy things to his left knee. The same Bobby Frasor who now bears a four inch scar on that left knee as a result of the surgery required to repair his shredded ACL. The same Bobby Frasor who, if Ty Lawson goes pro, will be the starting point guard and will also be only one of two point guards on the roster(the other being a freshman.)

I am glad to see the rehab is going so well but WHAT IN THE NAME OF DEAN SMITH ARE YOU DOING LEAPING OFF A BALCONY INTO A SWIMMING POOL!!!!!!!


If you look at the right side of the balcony you will see Tyler Hansbrough standing there wearing a grey shirt. Tyler is not watching his teammate make such a risky jump, he seems to be pretty enthralled with the attractive young lady standing in front of him. These festivities took place on Friday afternoon, the same day Tyler announced he was returning to UNC for his senior season. Friday was apparently a very good day for Tyler.