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NCAA Tournament: National Championship

I think I am more interested in watching a title game after UNC is in the Final Four versus last year when they never made it to the final weekend. Then again it sucks big time the Heels are not playing tonight and I really hope Kansas plays at the same level tonight win or lose just so I do not feel like we got bounced by a fluke performance.

In terms of who to pull for here, there are certain points of view on picking which team you want to win. Staying neutral is an option but that is not much fun. Kansas offers an interesting choice for UNC fans since you have to ask yourself whether you want to back the team that ousted you or consider the Dean Smith-Larry Brown-Roy Williams connections to Kansas and adopt them as our midwestern basketball cousin? The latter seems fine but the other factor for me is I simply cannot give any love to Memphis and John Calipari. I just do not care for Calipari and when he interviewed for the NC State job he was more concerned about whether the academic standards could be lowered than anything else. This is not to say his players are not good kids but Calipari has always struck me as a bit shady so Kansas it is, if for no other reason than to rest in the knowledge that at least the Heels got dropped by the national champion and it was destiny.

Open thread for your comments, if there is anyone left out there. ;)