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Odds and Ends

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So many stories, so little time.

  •  The UNC women had their season ended by LSU who is being lauded for five straight Final Fours despite the fact they are 0-4 in the four previous appearances.  UNC was the #1 seed in the South but the Selection Committee for both the men's and women's tournament love to pull this cute trick whereby the complete screw a #1 seed by having to play in the backyard of the #2 seed.  Memphis and Kansas are well versed in this trick on the men's side and now the women's team at UNC has been introduced to this ploy by playing LSU in New Orleans.  Not that I think it mattered here but it seems that on principle the committees should protect the #1 seed a little more.
  • Ty Lawson says the ankle is fine despite tweaking it at the end of the Louisville game.  He just needs to keep telling himself it is only two more games and then he gets to rest.
  • As expected the decision to have UNC play the 2nd game was completely driven by potential ratings.  Then again this is not rocket science.  UNC and Duke are probably the most televised teams in the nation and in terms of national games I imagine they lead in that department as well.  During the earlier rounds of the NCAA Tournament when CBS splits the coverage, UNC is often broadcast to a larger chunk of the country than whatever game(s) they are up against.
  • CBS Sportsline is calling the UNC-KU matchup even between the players while giving UNC an edge in terms of coaching and intangibles. Vegas is calling the Heels a three point favorite while Ken Pomeroy says Kansas will win by five and has a 65% chance to get it done.