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Rameses XVII Dethroned

Shakesperean like shenanigans with the UNC ram mascot.

The N&O has an interesting story concerning the rams used as the Tar Heel mascot at football game.  It would seem that Rameses XVII, the mascot for five years at UNC football games had one of his horns broken off when his son Pablo head butted him.

After five seasons as the UNC Chapel Hill mascot, the curly-horned monarch was knocked from the throne by a head-butt from his own son Pablo, who hit the elder ram so fiercely that his horn snapped off.

His crown broken, Rameses will no more hear the roar of 60,000 fans, or see the Chapel Hill sky explode with fireworks.

Instead, he will spend his final years in exile, grazing with a single horn. He will watch, indignant, as his usurping son rides to Kenan Stadium in his place, newly dubbed Rameses XVIII.

"I didn't think he was going to live," said Rob Hogan, Rameses' keeper on a farm outside Carrboro. "He went off food and water for a week."

The Rameses line dates to 1924, when UNC's head cheerleader decided the Tar Heels needed a rival to N.C. State's wolf and Georgia's bulldog.

Hogan's family has raised them all save one that was donated in 1996, a replacement for a Rameses that was butchered alive by a 26-year-old man who later claimed to have been hungry and very drunk.

Well at least he fared better than his 1996 predecessor.  And this should be a lesson to all those people who assumed that UNC is not legitmate pick in an NCAA Tournament bracket using the Mascot Theory.